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March 2018


Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host – Joan Willshire
Recorded 2/14/2018

On this program:
Mark Hughes – Congratulations on an award
Joan Willshire, Director, Minnesota Council on Disability, talks with Mark about her award for creating awareness about diversity.

Joan Willshire – The Journey from Ms Wheelchair Minnesota to Ms Wheelchair America
Joan and Sheri Melander Smith talk about Sheri’s year as Ms Wheelchair Minnesota and her journey after becoming MS Wheelchair America.

February 2018


Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Imani Cruzen
Recorded: 01/10/18

On this program:
Mark Hughes - Changes to Services for Incontinence
Sarah Anderson and Mike Bailey, members of MAMES, join Mark to alert the public about changes to services for incontinence.

Imani Cruzen - Final Teen Segment
Imani reflects with Bridget Siljander, advocate and mother of Imani, about what it has been like to be a teenager with a disability. Imani, now turning 20, will continue to appear on the show in other capacities.

Legislative Update
Mike Gude, Communications Director for ARC MN, Provides a preview of the upcoming legislative session.

January 2018


Host: Mark Hughes
Co-Host: Joan Willshire
Recorded: 12/13/17

On this program:
Mark Hughes - Advocacy at the Capitol
Cameo Zender from Pediatric Home Service joins Mark to discuss advocacy efforts at the Capitol.

Joan Willshire - Disability Lawsuits
David Fenley, from MN Council on Disability, Beth Kadoun, from MN Chamber of Commerce, and Michael Fraser, from Metro IBA, discuss with Joan about an alarming number of lawsuits that have gone against the spirit of the ADA.