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February 2012

► February 2012
Host: Mark Hughes
Recorded: 01-23-2012
On this program:
Mark Hughes - Born for the Stage
Dan Reed & Chris Rasmusson of Partnership Resources, Melissa Wenszell from MacPhail Center for Music, and a group of actors from Born for the Stage share their passion for singing and acting as part of this natonally recognized music therapy program.
Ignite the Spirit of Love
In the second segment, Mark interviews the legandary musician J.D. Steele, Becky Pansch from Singers in Accord, along with Dan Reed, about the special concert, "Ignite the Spirit of Love" featuring the Born for the Stage actors.

January 2012

► January 2012
Host: Mark Hughes
Living Forward Host: Sheri Melander-Smith
Recorded: 12-19-2011
On this program:
Mark Hughes - See Their Faces (a project of ACT MN)
Mark talks with Halle O'Falvery, Kelly Lee, and Carla Norman-Webster about an exciting new art project that is part of the Remembering With Dignity program.
Living Forward - Significant Solutions, Inc. (Gaye Lindfors)
Take another look at this classic segment to help acheive your goals.

December 2011

► December 2011
Host: Mark Hughes
Living Forward Host: Sheri Melander-Smith
Recorded: 11-21-2011
On this program:
Mark Hughes - Independent Living
David Hancox from Metropolitan Center for Independent Living discusses new developments with Mark.
Bullying - Part 2
Julie Young-Burns from Minneapolis Schools, Kim Kang from MN CCD, and parent Tim Allen, discuss bullying in schools and efforts for bullying prevention.
Living Forward - Disability Linkage Line
Chris Persons provides illuminating information about the help line to Sheri.